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Bev George & Associates has been a trusted real estate brokerage in the Metro East for over 40 years. Success has come from constant evolution of services and experience for, not only it's community and clients, but for the agents, as well.

BGA stays on the leading edge of the industry by providing the support and systems that agents need to successfully run their business. Leads are provided, as well!

Current owner, Bryce Brow, found success early on in his career, closing 43 transactions in his first year and purchasing Bev George & Associates at just 9 months in the business. He makes sure agents realize that they are the CEO of their business. Today, Bryce's passion is not selling real estate, but providing the BGA agents with everything they need to acheive great results!

If you're an experienced agent, a nonexperienced agent, or someone interested in becoming an agent, join us, so we can help you take your business to the next level. 


"The decision had already been made about who I wanted to work with. I wanted to work with an authentic, relieable, trusted, successful, well-established, yet forward thinking brokerage. I found that working with Bev George and Bryce Brow at BGA is where I am suppose to be."      -Michael, current BGA agent

"After a 30 year career in college athletics, I was fortunate enough to join the team at BGA. Our managing broker, Bev George and the owner, Bryce Brow, have been outstanding to work for. As a new agent, there are many things to learn and lots of questions to ask. Both Bev and Bryce are always there when I need guidance and/or information. Bev has been in the business for 40 years and has a wealth of information to share with all of her agents. My experience with this company has been great from day 1 and Bryce couldnt be a better owner to work for. He really cares about the success of his agents.      -Sandy, Current BGA Agent

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